Directors Cut 01: Josh Sikkema

For our first installment of “Directors Cut” at Noir District, Josh Sikkema was an obvious choice. In the last month alone we’ve seen spots for Fox Sports, the NFL, Grammy Award winning artists, and trips to the Virgin Islands. Not bad for the creative backed by a feature on Billboard.com, shooting a double platinum track – “Lot to Learn” by Luke Christopher – and working with RCA records.

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20 Impressive Streetwear Brands under 20k Followers

We live and breathe fashion, design and the impact it has on culture. That being said, what better way to launch our blog than to cover some of the illest brands that are still flying under the radar? These 20 impressive brands each have under 20k followers. You may not be familiar with some, and you may not have heard of others, but take a look and you’re bound to find some collections that you won’t forget.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite picks, or some honorable mentions that you think should’ve made it to our list!

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